Think It’s Too Expensive to Get Fit? 3 Tips for Losing Fat on a Budget

Slick ads with pretty gyms that look like country clubs might lead you to believe that a gym membership is completely out of reach if you don’t have a lot of spare cash. The health food section at the store can seem almost comical.  $9 a pound for free range chicken and $4 for a mysterious bottle of juice promising a vague assortment of health benefits? Ain’t nobody got time (or cash) for that. Obviously someone does, but many of us see all of these things and it makes it feel like better health is for other people – people who have more disposable income.

Eating healthier can be very costly if you don't have some tricks up your sleeve.

Eating healthier can be very costly — if you don’t have some tricks up your sleeve.

The reality is that you need none of those things. What you do need are strategies for making healthy choices, a little education on how to make them, and support for your foray into the wild world of getting fit and losing fat. It really is like the Wild West in Fitness Land, and on every corner someone is trying to sell us an expensive solution. Most of them are bogus. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place if you want to get back into the saddle.

You absolutely can reach your fat loss goals without spending a fortune.

Why I’m Writing About Fat Loss on a Budget
I’ve got 4 dudes living under my roof — one husband and three constantly hungry, growing boys. They eat so much food – holy cow! Like most of you, we have many expenses. I don’t remember a time when I could just throw caution to the wind with my spending. That’s a nice fantasy…

dolla dolla bills

dolla dolla bills, y’all

But That’s Not Reality
I was no finance wizard. In fact, I really sucked at managing my money, but we had never been forced to so closely examine our finances. I had to quickly learn to stop spending cash like it was Monopoly money when we found ourselves in a very difficult place. My husband lost his job, I had 3 young kids at home, and our lives were turned upside down.

How I Used My Skills to Pay the Bills… And Get Fit
The funny thing is, the exact strategies that I had to develop to survive the recession ended up helping me get fit.  In fact, I’ll share my top 3 tips here that helped me get fit on a shoestring budget.


Tip 1. Be Prepared.
Preparation is everything. Every dinner that you don’t have ready to eat in your house usually means you either:

a) Head through the drive-through (do this often and it’ll likely derail your fat loss goals, not to mention rob you of some nutrients that feed your mojo).

b) Go to the store for a last minute shopping trip, where you’ll not only have to pay whatever asking price the store offers for the ingredients you need; you’ll also probably pick up 5 extra things you don’t really need. I mean, at 5 pm after work, if I see some Oreos as I’m on my way to the meat counter, those babies are probably going into my cart.  

Then this spirals because I’m not only paying too much for dinner, I’m opening a bag of freaking Oreos in the car on the way home. Because I got hangry. Gah! 

c) Say ‘screw it’ and eat the last bit of Lucky Charms. And that’s just sad. Lucky Charms really are magically delicious, but they aren’t a great dinner option on a regular basis. 

Learning to shop strategically and have pre-planned menus will save you a ton of money and help you get lean: but what you’ll also gain is freedom around dinner time. That’s the time of day when most of us would pay good money to be in our house, take our pants off, and relax.

cats never have to wear pants

cats never have to wear pants

Tip 2. Being Frugal is different from being cheap. 
I’m not telling you to never spend money again. In fact, sometimes I spend more for a premium version of a product that really is worth the money. Knowing where to save and where to spend more is a skill to hone. This is true from everything from gym memberships to tennis shoes.

I used to shy away from purchasing certain healthy foods because initially the price tag seemed higher than I was used to paying. Buying more fresh produce seemed like it would wreck my budget.

But in reality, before I shifted my grocery purchases to healthier items, I wasted a lot of money on crackers, chips, soda, and other items that contributed little to my nutritional needs. Reigning in those purchases made more cash available for some more expensive but nutritionally powerful items.

This isn’t an all or nothing proposition, by the way. You don’t need to panic that you’ll lose all your goodies. You will just find that you naturally eat fewer treats when you’re eating for fat loss. You’ll have more available cash for healthy stuff that nutures your nutrition goals when you eat less of the stuff that you used to buy.

Tip 3. Don’t become a potato because you can’t be a ninja.
I lost a lot of my strength and conditioning after I had hip surgery, simply because I was so damn stubborn. I became a couch potato for way too long because I couldn’t do what I considered to be a “real” workout.


I also avoided joining a gym for ages because they looked expensive. Yes, the gyms with juice bars, fancy locker rooms, and hot tubs are pretty. But they’re not any better for getting fit than cheaper options.

Home gyms are also completely doable for little cash, and there are many exercises you can do with no equipment at all. Once we stop chasing the idealized vision of a workout, we can begin to make progress.

Have you ever felt like fitness programs were out of reach? We see people on tv or bragging on Facebook about some routine that looks like a hybrid Navy Seal/Circus Performer/Ninja Acrobat workout. It looks a little amazing. But you know you couldn’t possibly do that.

Or maybe you’ve received so much information on what constitutes a “good” workout that you feel paralyzed. While avoiding the workouts we know we aren’t ready for, we give up on movement all together. Yet, if we’d just done something our bodies would thank us.

If you’re currently inactive, forget worrying about the perfect strength routine or completing a 5k. Those are laudable goals. I share beginner-friendly fitness routines here and on my Facebook page. Chances are, you will be ready to kick things up sooner than you imagine. Just remember that when you’re just beginning, it really doesn’t matter what you do. Only that you move.

Even this counts - who remembers how freaking awesome these were?

Even this counts – who remembers how freaking awesome these were?

Dance in the kitchen while you wash dishes. Go for a walk around the block. Sit down on the floor and then get back up. Move your body. It wants you to move it, and the feeling you get from movement will energize you to try more.

Are you into these ideas? I feel so passionately about better health being available to everyone that I wrote a book about it – and I’m giving it away for FREE! I go way more in depth and you can learn all you need to know about losing fat without busting your bank account. 


Want a complete guide to making this all work?
I’ve been quietly working on my first book like a sneaky squirrel but now I am thrilled that it’s ready to share with all of you! I’ve compiled all the lessons I’ve learned over the years about getting healthier when my bank account is a lot slimmer than my waist line.

If you have found that every attempt to get fit has made a big dent in your wallet, this book will have help for you. 

If you feel like you can’t afford to eat well or lack what you need to get fit, this book  is for you. 

If you have nailed your budgeting but still struggle with successful fat loss, this book will help you find success. 

If you have unlimited amounts of money and don’t have to worry about saving at all, then this book might not be for you. But send me an email and tell me your secret! 😉 

Grab my book today  – it’s FREE! (That definitely fits your budget!) Inside you’ll find all the information to guide you every step of the way, including:

  • An easy-to-understand nutrition manual that will teach you how fat loss works with strategies that will help you learn to eat for your fat loss goals. No crazy diet plans or banned foods!
  • Chapters devoted to my best secrets for shopping and cooking on a shoestring budget – I used to feed 5 people on $75 a week!
  • A complete strength and conditioning program that includes pictures, videos, and tutorials to teach you the basics for using fitness for fat loss.
  • My favorite tips for where to splurge and where to save when shopping for health and fitness items. 

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