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Weekend Wrap-Up For 8/29/2015: All Around the Internet

Hey all!

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. Here in Iowa people are getting a little R&R after a week of sending kids off to school. The weather has been cool and rainy and it feels like the end of summer. I’m ready for fall: bring on the sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes. I’m on the fence about pumpkin beer though. This seems wrong. Anyone give it a try?

I got outside my comfort zone and went to the Iowa Yoga Festival with my girl Emily Friday night. Yoga isn’t something I regularly practice but I probably should. Even though I was pretty awkward at it and have the zen focus of a fly, I left with a happy glow and my body felt soooo gooooood.

Face plant during crow pose, not even once.

Face plant during crow pose, not even once.

My Own Training This Week
I’d been stuck in my strength training for a good month, despite following my routine 100%. My coach reviews my videos after every session and every time he’d tell me that he can tell I can lift more. Yeah right, I’d think. But he could read the expression on my face and see the fear and apprehension. It was time for a mindset re-boot. Something had to change, and it was the way I talked to myself before I trained.

I’m the least new-agey person among my friends. In the past I’ve scoffed at those catch phrases that you’re supposed to repeat in front of the mirror, but I found myself actually googling ‘positive affirmations.’ And I repeated them. Out loud. I felt like a dork but I knew that I had to stop telling myself that I might not be able to do it. So instead I told myself I was strong, hard working, and absolutely capable of lifting the weight. Also I grabbed a donut beforehand, so there’s that.

The result? I crushed it this week, lifting 25 pounds more in my deadlift than I had just a few weeks ago. I PRed my bench press by 10 pounds. What?? So there’s something to mindset, eh?

bonus angry deadlift face

bonus angry deadlift face

Clients Who Are Killing It

My client, Becky, is improving her lower body strength and stability by leaps and bounds lately. This week she began doing an exercise you may never have heard of: the deficit lunge.

Who it’s for: people who already lunge well and want a move that challenges your single leg stability, builds your butt and legs, and also challenges hip mobility.

When to do it: this one feels good early on in the workout because it gives your moving side some extra movement through the hip.

How much: I like 2-3 sets of 8-10 reps per side.

Technique pointers:
-keep your working leg grounded on the step. push through your midfoot and heel so that you don’t come up on to your toe.
-you don’t need your shin to be totally vertical. A little forward lean is fine, but keep your knee behind your toe.
-use a fairly long step back.

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Things to Read Instead of Finishing Your Home Improvement Projects/Cleaning the House/Working on Actual Work

I may slack on some home improvement projects on the weekend but I always take some time to sit back and catch up on reading articles that I bookmarked during the week. Grab a drink and cozy up for some great reads. I recommend a pumpkin spice latte. 😉

1. Squats squats squats. First of all, did you catch my article on setting up your squat? Read up if you know how to squat but want to make them mo betta.

2. Weight Loss Motivation: 3 Mind Hacks to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight. Jordan Syatt of Syatt Fitness is a brilliant motivator. I know because I’m his client. He’s really improved my ability to approach fitness with a healthier mindset and his advice here is wise.

3. Cardio Revisited. If you read about fitness online, you probably have a headache over debates about cardio’s place in your training. Tanner Baze’s article on the benefits of cardio is worth the read.

4. Vacation Workouts. Sohee of Sohee Fit is one of my faves to follow for nutrition and training. I’m super envious of her recent trip to Italy and liked reading about how she was able to use moderation to stick with her fitness goals AND eat the gelato. Because you don’t go to Italy and not eat that up. Her advice comes with excellent video demos to snatch up for your next vacay.

5. The 4 Most Abused Words in Fitness. Dr. John Rusin lays it out and should drop the mic at the end. If you read fitness magazines or go to fitness classes you’ve probably heard all of these words tossed around. Yet what the hell do they mean and are they even worth using? Get the straight dope here.

6. Are Wellness Bloggers Doing More Harm Than Good? One of the reasons that I wanted to start featuring articles from other bloggers on my page is that far too few people know about the really excellent fitness minds in the industry. They don’t get nearly the amount of exposure that people on Instagram and Pinterest seem to garner. Just because you have a rockin’ bod doesn’t make you qualified to dispense safe, reasonable advice. Learn more about why in this article.

Get something good out of this or have a question? I’d love to hear from you – send me an email at fit@amydix.com. Have a wonderful weekend!