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$0 Fitness: The At Home Strength Workout That Doesn’t Cost a Thing.

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Hey guys!

I’m celebrating the launch of my new book, Fat Loss on a Budget,this week and I’ve got saving money on the brain. When we start working out, it can be a little discouraging to get ideas only to find that we have to go out and buy 5 expensive pieces of equipment to get going.

Over time, if you decide to work out at home, investing in basic equipment can be money well spent. However, it takes time and bargain hunting to do it on the cheap.  I love scanning local Buy and Sell boards on Facebook as well as Craigslist to get crazy good deals.

But you can do plenty with nothing more than your own bodyweight. If you have gallons of water, heavy toddlers, or anything else to add load once bodyweight exercises become easy, use your imagination and keep challenging yourself.

Today’s strength workout  works well at home or for travel. All you need is your fine self. Ready to do this? Ok let’s go:


Exercises are paired as alternating sets. This way you can get a little more done in less time. If it feels too hard to complete all of your sets, start small: 1-2 sets of each exercise is cool too. Work up to getting through the entire workout as written.

Watch the Video First. Details Follow.


Alternating Set A – 3 Sets
1) Bodyweight Bulgarian Split Squat – 8-12 reps per leg, or as many as it takes to challenge you.
If this is too hard, lower your back to the floor and perform a reverse lunge or a static lunge for as many reps as you can on each leg.

2) Pushup – 6- 10 reps. Pick the variation that suits you best. Either do them from the floor or at an incline. Pushup superstars can play with more difficult variations too like spider pushups or decline pushups. 

Alternating Set B – 3 Sets 
1) Single Leg Hip Thrust – 6-12 reps per leg. New hip thrusters may find that these are really hard! You need to be able to lock out at the top and really feel your butt squeeze. Do them 2 legs at a time, or try doing one leg at a time from a bridge position on the floor. 

2) Towel rows – 8-15 reps. These are wild but they work! Back exercises are the one thing that seem really tough to do without a chin-up bar at home (though creativity fixes many woes!)
I’ve also done inverted rows under my kitchen table, but try this at your own risk. I didn’t smash my face pulling the table onto myself, but it could happen. Oops.

Alternating Set C – 3 Sets 
1) Slow Step Ups onto a chair or bench – 8-15 reps per side, whatever challenges you most appropriately. Keep these slow and controlled. You’ll be surprised at how much harder they become when we don’t cheat our way up with momentum!

2) Pike Pushups – 6-10 reps. A slightly easier variation, in my opinion, is the Hindu pushup, where you can glide back into starting position instead of having to push yourself back to starting.

Bonus Burn: The 8 x 4
Still have a little spring in your step and are itching to do a bit more? Perform this quick finisher for some breathless, sweaty fun:

Do As Many Rounds As Possible for 8 minutes. 8 too much? Start with 5. Work your way up as you get fit.

8 jump squats (regular squats if your knees aren’t feeling jumpy)
8 straight leg situps
8 lateral lunges per leg
8 mountain climbers per leg

Video with my 7-year-old workout partner. He’s a boss.

Give this one a whirl and let me know how it went!

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