Meal Planning Monday: December 4th, 2016


Oh helloooooo. It’s time to plan. So that when the thing hits the you-know-what, you at least have dinner prepped. 

I feel like I returned from battle yesterday after buying my groceries for the week. The store was so busy it seemed like people were prepping for a zombie apocalypse. Instead, I think it was just a really good sale combined with the weather forecast predicting snow. People start buying milk and bread and basically lose their minds. This always amuses me a whole lot. 

But I have milk and bread now. And all the things to make this week’s meals. Check out mine here:

Monday: Lightened up Parmesan chicken: just skip the breading and bake chicken breasts. I sprinkle with Italian seasoning and salt then bake at 350F for 30 minutes. Toss on some cheese and marinara and bake 5-10 minutes more: until the sauce is warm and the cheese is melty. Serving with sauteed spinach instead of pasta – but have a bit on the side if you’re craving some. 

Tuesday: spicy California shrimp stacks from Skinnytaste. How freaking clever are these? I’ll serve with a cucumber sesame salad on the side. 

Wednesday: Chicken spinach frittata with leftover chicken from Monday. Add bits of whatever veggies you have around, and you can play with cheese. Here’s one variation from an Oregon Cottage. 

Thursday: Turkey taco stuffed sweet potatoes. Just use lean ground turkey and make taco filling from it. I like to add homemade taco seasoning, a bit of salsa, and a can of black beans to the meat. Then stuff your baked/microwaved sweet potatoes. Top with plain Greek yogurt and/or a little cheese. Nom nom. 

Tip: if you can, make a giant batch of the taco meat. Freeze the extras and then you can use this as a super fast dinner on crazy nights. 

Friday: Hey family, make your own damn dinner! Or… leftovers/cooked soups I found in the deep freezer. 

Saturday: Lower calorie Shepherd’s pie. Just take your favorite recipe and use 90% lean ground beef, plenty of veggies, and top with a mixture of mashed cauliflower and potato. Using buttermilk and cutting back on butter helps scale back calories for mashed potatoes. I’ll put some umami bombs into the sauce with cues from Serious Eats. 

Sunday: Roasted turkey tenderloins (I get these inexpensively at Aldi) with cranberry shallot sauce from Eating Well. Steamed green beans and roasted sweet potatoes on the side, because I’m still feeling Thanksgiving in my soul. 

What’s for dinner at your house this week? Have something good? Share it in a comment below. Happy cooking! 

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