Gym Class – A Quickie Workout for the Kid in You


Hey guys!

Yesterday I was NOT FEELING the happy feels about working out, but I was already at the gym after training some clients. So I scrapped my plans and looked around. We have scooters sitting on a shelf. You know, the kind kids use in P.E. class.

Remember how freaking awesome scooter day was? HELL YES, SCOOTER DAY. I built a short conditioning workout around a few basic scooter moves and had a blast. Sometimes we forget that screwing around is healthy movement too. Scooter work as a grown up is a hell of a lot harder than it was when I was 8 though. Holy leg burn! If you want to put a little fun into your workouts this week, think about what feels like play to you and go for it. Need some inspiration? Check out my workout here:


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